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Expand Your International Research and Business Potential and Tap Into the International Innovation Ecosystem with Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy

We support innovators in the validation and development of their international R&D potential

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Fraunhofer) was formed in 1949 and is the largest application-oriented research organization in Europe with the annual budget exceeding 2 billion euro. 70% of which comes from R&D contracts financed by industry and business companies, as well as public contracts. Fraunhofer reserach activities are decntralized. It unites 66 departments located throughout all of Germany and employs more than 24.000 experts in research and co-creating innovations in different technological areas, such as: ICT, medicine, health, transport, production, energy, security and services. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft also has numerous departments abroad. Moreover, it has partnerships with reputable international scientific and business-oriented organizations in Germany, Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft at a glance
  • 66 years of experience
  • Credo: "Applied Research and Innovations"
  • More than 24.000 employees
  • Fraunhofer Center Leipzig

    Fraunhofer MOEZ

    Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy (abb.: Fraunhofer Center Leipzig) was founded in 2006 to promote research and business cooperation between Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and new member states of the European Union. It is located in Saxony – the hub of the high-technology clusters "Silicon Saxony" and "Bio Saxony" Fraunhofer MOEZ offers professional expert appraisals and support in the internationalization process, R&D, global cooperation, economics analyzes, and the development and coordination of project consortium with the use of resources/ funds from EU and national programs.

    Fraunhofer MOEZ at a glance:
  • in Fraunhofer organization for 9 years
  • Credo: "Internationality"
  • More than 50 international projects
  • More than 100 employees
  • More than 15 nationalities
  • More than 20 languages

  • Fraunhofer MOEZ

    accelerapp Team

    We are an international team with experience in different markets at Fraunhofer MOEZ. Our main focus is: international business and research development. We concentrate on creating and/or increasing partnerships and projects between companies and foreign public organization with Fraunhofer, Germany, and the European Union. We combine passion, knowledge and experience in:

    • BUSINESS PROJECTS - creating and coordinating projects for international clients
    • NETWORKING - supporting contacts with selected organizations in Germany
    • ANALYSIS - creating market analyses for various trades and technology
    • COOPERATION R&D - planning and coordinating research projects with EU funds
    • FUNDING - obtaining financing for projects in Germany and the European Union
    • OUR CONTACTS - we cooperate with German / European business and high-tech experts

    Fraunhofer MOEZ

    Our support for innovative companies

    What is accelerapp ?

    accelerapp (Technology-Market-Opportunity-Assesssment-and-Development-Process powered by Fraunhofer MOEZ) is a process that supports research and business potential for innovative companies that is individualized to the client’s needs. Those companies have to be interested in cooperation with German partners and Fraunhofer, as well as expansion of their innovation. The whole process is coordinated by Fraunhofer MOEZ.

  • WHY IS IT WORTH IT ? - companies that cooperate with Fraunhofer MOEZ are provided with knowledge, contacts and professional skills to prepare and accomplish individual plans of further research and business potential for their innovative technologies abroad. Projects are completed with support from Fraunhofer resources, as well as opportunities from German and European innovation systems..
  • INDIVIDUAL APPROACH - we provide a personalized approach to every single project (project = the customer with specific need + our dedicated team + our activity focused on the chosen trade and technology)

  • Fraunhofer MOEZ

    How can we support ?

    The starting point is the specific need of our client and his innovative potential. This is the basis upon which we plan the whole support process with help of varied tools, such as:

  • GO GLOBAL PROJECT: support with the creation and completion of the project (plan, funding, coordination, evaluation, follow-up)
  • ANALYSIS: support with learning about various trades (such as market potential analysis, competitors, possible partnerships, potential clients)
  • NETWORKING: support with establishing contacts and partnerships (organization and moderation meetings with potential clients and partners in Germany)
  • SKILLS: support with building international business competences (marketing, sales, company in Germany, capital)
  • PROMOTION: support with building a positive image of the company and product (taking part in trade fairs, business meetings, cooperation network)
  • R&D COOPERATION: support with building international R&D partnerships (projects involving national and EU resources)
  • PILOTAGE: support with building market references and testing innovation solutions (consulting with planning pilotage projects)

  • Fraunhofer MOEZ

    Who can we support ?

    We are looking for innovations and cooperation possibilities with concrete projects. In our researching and building partnerships the most important things for us are:

  • INNOVATIONS - we are open for companies with innovative technologies, services and products based on individual R&D
  • VARIOUS SECTORS - we support companies from different sectors and technology fields, primarily middle- and high-technologies
  • BUSINESS HISTORY - we support companies who are present on the market and who have actively operated for a minimum of 6 months
  • TRADE REFERENCES - we are looking for companies with trade references and examples of implementing their technologies for a minimum of one market
  • FOCUS ON BUSINESS - we help companies who are looking for business cooperation in Germany
  • FOCUS ON R&D - we assist companies who are looking for partnerships in international research cooperation within EU programs
  • FOCUS ON GERMANY - we are focused on companies interested in development in German and DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) regions

  • Fraunhofer MOEZ

    Our references

    International references

    In recent years we have cooperated with many foreign companies from different countries, including Poland, Korea and Turkey.

    Among our clients are innovative small and medium-sized enterprises from such industries as :

  • ICT
  • Medicine
  • Production
  • Biotechnology
  • Security
  • Transport

  • Fraunhofer MOEZ

    What our partners say about us

    'We cooperated with Fraunhofer MOEZ from Leipzig under the GoGlobal program. We introduced our products and High Technology Glass Polska Company for the German market. The experience, professionalism, knowledge and achievements of Fraunhofer Institutes are well known and do not need any recommendations. We would like only to highlight that we were pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of possibilities offered for our company. The tremendous flexibility and full customization services offered to the needs of our company should also be mentioned. This allowed us to realize our plans and establish very beneficial business contacts in Germany'.

    Fraunhofer MOEZ

    Norbert Kowalkowski, Managing Director

    Selected projects

    Our knowledge, partnerships and contacts

    Why Germany ?

  • IMPORTANT MARKET - Wide and varied market and a place to invest in R&D: leading the European Union in terms of size and Innovation
  • PLACE OF MEETINGS - The place of international business meetings: 2/3 of the most important trade fairs are held in Germany
  • OPPORTUNITY FOR R&D COOPERATION - Cooperation with research and development in European Union: German companies invest extensively in R&D
  • GOOD REFERENCES - Expanding business opportunities and research: Success in Germany opens up the possibility of promotion in other markets
  • PARTNERSHIPS - Possible partnerships for joint international efforts: German companies are present in many world markets

  • Why Fraunhofer MOEZ ?

  • EXPERTISE - Access to diverse expertise and knowledge within the 66 technology institutes of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
  • CONTACTS - Access to numerous contacts in Germany in cooperation with German business, politics, science, and investors
  • BRAND - Strong and well-known name of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft as a leading R&D organization in Germany, Europe and whole world
  • PARTNER FROM GERMANY - Fraunhofer MOEZ as a partner with headquarters in Germany, working on and realizing projects in the German market
  • INTERNATIONALITY - Employees from more than 15 countries, speaking many different languages and knowing varied business cultures through origin and education

  • Fraunhofer in Germany

    Contact us

    Contact us:

    Wojciech Roskiewicz

    Wojciech Roskiewicz
    accelerapp: Business cooperation, R&D with Fraunhofer MOEZ

    T: +49 (0) 341 231039 139

    JungTaeg Oah

    JungTaeg Oah
    Project Coordinator for Korea

    T: +49 (0) 341 231039 179

    Balthasar Kinkel

    Balthasar Kinkel
    Project Coordinator for Turkey

    T: +49 (0) 341 231039 179

    Malgorzata Krowicka

    Małgorzata Krowicka
    Project Coordinator for Poland

    T: +49 (0) 341 231039 117

    Malgorzata Krowicka

    Mayra Bezerra Hartmann
    Project Coordinator for Brazil

    T: +49 (0) 341 231039 117

    accelerap team: Philip Friebel (Analytics), Wojciech Muras (Analytics), Michal Turowicz (Analytics)

    Headquaters and address

    Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy Städtisches Kaufhaus Leipzig
    Neumarkt 9-19 | 04109 Leipzig
    Saxony | GERMANY